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Software & IT-Enabled Solutions

Technological Innovations

Technological innovations have remained our primary focus at Adroit Digisoft Solutions Pvt Ltd, an IT-enabled solutions provider throughout the last 15 years since our inception. World-class processes have been combined with cutting edge technology to develop top-class applications and products. We have constantly strived to cross technological milestones in the global IT roadmap. We remain committed to providing you a complete range of IT Solutions to meet your organisational requirements. This encompasses software, hardware, networks, web-solutions, e-biz and cloud applications depending upon your IT-requirements. We also look after your post-implementation maintenance issues to ensure your IT-infrastructure continues to deliver with top-class efficiency.


Our services include design and development of customised software solutions including desktop applications, multi-tiered applications, enterprise solutions, web-solutions and cloud based applications including on open-source platform.

We also provide data services for harvesting data-warehouses and mining into them to extract those valuable bits of knowledge for your use.

Our services also include hardware infrastructure set-up services including networking solutions for LAN/WAN/WLAN.

Our content-management services enables effective collection, storage, management and publishing of your digital contents.

Cloud Applications

Are you into the cloud yet?

Do you forsee that your application went mobile for increased productivity and comfort?

A lot of organisations are switching to cloud computing to leverage on global accessibilty, better support services, zero investment on servers & storage effectively leading to zero maintenance costs and higher productivity.

In this era of mobile apps and handheld applications, cloud computing is where the future resides. Adroit Digisoft Solutions has what it takes to deliver you on the cloud.

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